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Report: Warriors’ Durant expected to missentire 2019-20 season




[–]KingsMarginalSalmon 2838 points 7 hoursago

Golden State Warriors superstar KevinDurant is expected to miss the entire 2019-20 season after undergoing surgeryfor a ruptured right Achilles tendon, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The two-time NBA Finals MVP and 2014regular-season MVP revealed the severity of his injury in an Instagram postWednesday, two days after getting hurt during the Warriors’ Game 5 win over theToronto Raptors. It was his first game in more than a month after beingsidelined with a right calf strain.

Despite the news, Wojnarowski cited leaguesources indicating that the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks remaininterested in signing soon-to-be free agents Durant and Kyrie Irving into maxsalary slots.





[–]TimberwolvesTico483 3285 points 6 hoursago

Damn, I can feel the entire landscape ofour beloved Sport Change. I feel the Earfquakes under my feet


[–]shawiwowie 5438 points 5 hours ago

That’s just your Achilles snapping


[–]Lakerspermathinker 1110 points 5 hoursago*

Kobe snapped his Achilles against theWarriors. KD snapped his Achilles as a Warrior. Both have snake alter egos -Kobe is the Black Mamba and KD is snek. Coincidence? Absolutely.


[–]WizardsFenderBender30 394 points 4 hoursago

Don’t forget Cousins snapped his Achillesthen signed with the Warriors.

The Warriors are the Achilles toeverybody’s Achilles.



[–]dchu 4728 points 7 hours ago

just announce right away he is out allyear, instead of saying we’ll see. and if he stays with warriors avoid anypressure of coming back for playoffs.


[–]Sunsfukdatsonn 1611 points 6 hours ago

Given his injury now, why would he leavethe Warriors?


[–][DAL] Jason TerryPandamonium98 2693points 6 hours ago

Might make sense to lock down 4-5 years ofa max contract in case he doesnt recover and never returns to form


[–][LAL] Magic Johnsonhopsandhorns 819points 6 hours ago

That’s about it, right? Maybe the Knickslaunch an offer that’s massive and he just takes it and sits the first yearout. I’m worried for Durant, I don’t think he’ll be the same again, but I don’tthink he’ll be a slouch either but for some team 80% of Durant is still betterthan nothing I guess.


[–]Heatsonnysideupyup 1812 points 6 hoursago

80% of Durant is better than 95% of theNBA.


[–]ReaganMcTrump 194 points 5 hours ago

Is 80% of Derrick Rose better than 95% ofthe NBA?


[–][NYK] Jeremy LinGreasyFreeboater 481points 5 hours ago

Kevin Durant doesn’t rely on athleticism asmush as DRose



[–]76ersWhiteStockton 2012 points 7 hoursago

Honestly probably a good thing. I don’twant prime KD trying to push it.


[–]ThunderBestbrook123 1032 points 7 hoursago

Yeah, Kobe came back 8.5 months after hisand injured his leg like 2 weeks after playing again.


[–]NBAOwningTheWorld 428 points 6 hours ago

Kobe Was also 35 and entering the 18thSeason of his career. It’s a little different. I agree we want Durant to takeit slow, but he’s younger and doesn’t have nearly as many years on him.



[–]Ilikedankbeer 1271 points 6 hours ago

What about game 6 tonight?


[–]RaptorsYourFlyIsOpenMcFly 1597 points 6hours ago

Warriors GM Bob Myers Announces KevinDurant Tore Achilles, Clears Him To Play Game 6


[–]Magicominousgraycat 351 points 6 hoursago

Wheelchair basketball can be lit.



[–]mrsidewayp 1870 points 7 hours ago

Wait so whoever signs him just pays him notto play for 2019-2020? Lol


[–]Warriorsphotokeith 682 points 5 hoursago

They should sign me I won’t play


[–]Wizardsacosmichippo 565 points 6 hoursago

might be worth it for a team who is ok withsoft-ish tanking next year and come back strong in 2020-2021.


[–]Jazzredsoxfan3444 479 points 7 hours ago

No surprise. It took Boogie 10 months tocome back and with that time table in mind it’d be April for KD.


[–]76ers Bandwagonunagipower123 346 points6 hours ago

It took boogie 12.

Jan 2018 he went down and didn’t make hisseason debut till Jan 2019


[–]Lakerspoldothepenguin 253 points 5 hoursago*

So if the Warriors make it to the finalsnext year, KD would be cleared by Game 6…



[–]LakersMrKalyoncu 265 points 6 hours ago

LeBron it’s your shot baby


[–]pole_fan 336 points 5 hours ago

LBJ joins GSW


[–][GSW] Draymond Greenjthc 599 points 7hours ago

He should just re-sign with GSW seeing thatthere wouldn’t be any pressure to return early.


[–]Raptors2ByteTheDecker 295 points 7 hoursago

Considering he’s got a player option, Idon’t see why he wouldn’t at this point, unless another team is willing togamble and sign a big long term on him and hope he recovers after the scratchyear.


[–]msdrahcir 241 points 7 hours ago

I do believe now more than ever KD isfavored to return to the Warriors, but plenty of teams would be willing togamble on him.

If Kevin Love ever deserved a $20 million /year contract, a slower, less powerful KD still deserves a super max in 2020.




[–]NetsKerry_Kittles 197 points 8 hours ago

Nets fan here wouldn’t Kyrie max + Dlo $100mn + cap space for mid level guys make more sense than KD at this point? Couldalso swap dinwiddie for a solid 4


[–]Kings530nairb 179 points 6 hours ago

Dlo is gone if kyrie signs there. That’s aterrible idea for a backcourt IMO. You swap Dlo for a pick and a role player.


[–]Warriorsaahdin 129 points 6 hours ago

Do the nets want Kyrie that much more thanDlo? Kyrie is more efficient with slightly better box stats, but Dlo is a 22year old MIP candidate averaging over 20 ppg. He’s already bought into thenets’ system, works well with the core, and seems happy to be there.

I feel like the only time you ditch aplayer in that kind of situation is if you’re in 100% win now mode.

It would’ve been like if Miluakee tradedGiannis for someone like Aldridge back in 2015-16, It’s a smart move if you areonly considering their performance for that year, but if your MIP candidatekeeps developing those trades start to look really bad really fast.








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