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【键盘侠】追梦提前续约勇士|保住三核心 往后再冲冠!

【键盘侠】追梦提前续约勇士|保住三核心 往后再冲冠!

[Wojnarowski] With free agency looming next summer, three-time All-Star Draymond Green has agreed to a four-year, $100M maximum contract extension with Golden State, agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports tells ESPN.



[–]Lakers MMDroxy 1031 points 11 hours ago

Wow that was random


[–]Lakers CoolScales 289 points 10 hours ago

Is it really? Seems like this is the warriors making it clear that they want to keep their big three together. I think it’s actually cool that we are gonna see these three players hypothetically spend a decade together. It’s pretty rare for that to happen in today’s nba imo.


[–]Raptors dont-YOLO-ragequit 68 points 10 hours ago

Wasn’t Draymond supoosed to go for an All Star/ All NBA team for a super max next year?.

Being with Curry and Russell woulf habe been a much easier path for it then when KD and Cousins were there



[–]joshrosensnose 121 points 10 hours ago

Maybe Draymond would rather stay on the warriors and make less money than chase the bag


[–]Warriors zamiracle 71 points 10 hours ago

It’s still 100 million dollars, he’s pretty much set for life already.


[–]Mavericks lalakingmalibog 10 points 8 hours ago

I’d be set for life with like just 1 of those M’s


[–]Spurs siphillis 117 points 10 hours ago

Bob Myers is a monster GM.


[–][CHI] Derrick Rose jeric13xd 623 points 11 hours ago

Joe Lacob and them said “FUCK THE SALARY CAP”


[–]Raptors The_Natural_Log 2111 points 10 hours ago

Fuck your supermax


[–]Warriors bigdickvick69 1582 points 9 hours ago

Everyone in the Bay Area media thought there was no way he’d take the 4/100 this offseason. I don’t know how the warriors front office just keeps making all these moves seem so easy


[–]Raptors howdopearethedrops 82 points 10 hours ago

Maybe seeing both KD and Klay have potentially career altering injuries in a 2 game span made him want to lock up some guaranteed long term cash.


[–][DAL] Dirk Nowitzki OD_prime 120 points 9 hours ago

Long sustained success with multiple championships in a city like San Fran is better than the max in FA in Memphis or Orlando


[–]Turkey MoonPie 38 points 8 hours ago

Bro, what did we(Memphis ) do to you?


[–]Wizards eatapenny 141 points 9 hours ago

Helps when you can just tell him “hey, remember when we won 3 rings with you? Stay here and we can win a few more and then eventually retire your number”


[–]Zebracorn42 80 points 8 hours ago

They won 3 rings and broke the Bulls regular season win record with Green, the we’re gonna retire his number anyways. Someone has to take a pay cut so the others can get maxed out. Curry had that pay cut while he won the MVPs, although that was due to injuries. 25 a year is still a lot, especially for a guy that plays defense. Defense usually isn’t rewarded in this league. Andre Robeson and Rudy Gobert are the only big contract defensive players I can think of right now. I know people are gonna say Leonard, but he’s a top 5 player that brings huge scoring and shooting to the table. Most defense players, the ball isn’t put in their hands at the end of the game down by 1 or 2.


[–]Bulls VenerableHate 1318 points 9 hours ago

Probably promised to treat them like the San Antonio big three and give them sizable contracts when they’re old as dirt and let them all retire as Warriors.


[–]Celtics 13143 1615 points 9 hours ago

Or they’ve just managed to create a team/environment that the players love.


[–][PHI] Eric Snow PhillyFreezer_ 160 points 9 hours ago

Or both…


[–]Warriors BobMeijers 88 points 8 hours ago

thats how we kept kd


[–]Warriors maethlin 23 points 7 hours ago

Hold up


[–]Drastic Xylophone 373 points 9 hours ago

To be fair only Dray is taking a pay cut out of the big three.

The other two took maxes/supermaxes


[–]Rockets Melonprimo 272 points 9 hours ago

Don’t forget Dlo man. At least 120 mil for 4 players. Damn.


[–]Celtics Bye_Felatio 76 points 8 hours ago

Klay, Steph, DLo and who’s the 4th?


[–]Rockets Melonprimo 97 points 8 hours ago

Dray. His on 18mil this season.


[–][PHI] Sergio Rodriguez blazers-in-six 582 points 10 hours ago

118 for the next five that’s less than Batum’s deal lmao


[–]NBA ankmath 93 points 7 hours ago

I’m so sorry Charlotte


[–][BKN] Jarrett Allen greatbigrock 188 points 9 hours ago

In retrospect, the warriors FO really lucked out with Klay getting snubbed from All-NBA and being ineligible for the supermax



[–]Raptors stevntiny 1618 points 10 hours ago

Hey that’s not too bad


[–]Nuked God69 80 points 11 hours ago

that’s absurdly cheap for Draymond


[–]Bucks very343 64 points 11 hours ago

Huge win for the Warriors


[–]76ers i_love_wawa_ 1700 points 10 hours ago

thats great. 25m for a dpoy level player who has a high iq on both ends? dray is still a beast. 25m is essentially what you pay guys like brogdon and harrison barnes nowadays. this is a great deal for golden state


[–]lolhaa2 76 points 10 hours ago

lmao fking middleton got 36M. What a joke


[–]76ers i_love_wawa_ 105 points 10 hours ago

yeah in a world where middleton and tobias get 36 a year, 25 for draymond is almost mindboggling


[–]Kings KingsBallSac 144 points 10 hours ago

That’s pretty low for Draymond, damn near averaging a triple dub in the playoffs. One of the best defenders in the league. BBIQ off the charts. Champion pedigree, champion mentality.

It doesn’t even sound right that Dray only getting 25 mil a year.



[–][TOR] Jonas Valanciunas vassman86 88 points 10 hours ago

I think it’s a good deal for both sides. Draymond is 29 now and his production has been on a slight decline. $25M/year as a fourth* option is a nice payday for Draymond, and helps keep GSW’s core intact.


[–]Kings KingsBallSac 69 points 9 hours ago

Decline? He didn’t need to over-work himself in the regular season, he was playing it smart. Did you not see him in the playoffs? He was spectacular.


[–]Raptors stevntiny 772 points 10 hours ago

That’s what Steven Adams is getting, id say it’s a very solid deal.


[–]Spurs youarebroke 477 points 10 hours ago

Steven Adams got paid in the 2016 offseason, those contracts don’t count and he is massively overpaid

Comparing contracts now to then it’s bad


[–][LAL] Lamar Odom westbrookistheman 314 points 10 hours ago

The worst part of that offseason was how everybody was defending all those contracts that were clearly awful the moment they were announced saying “the way the cap is going up this contract is gonna be a steal in a few years”


[–]Trail Blazers correalvinicius 172 points 10 hours ago

Evan Turner’s contract is the reason we traded him and now I miss my hero


[–]Celtics Bricknody 88 points 10 hours ago

You mean Celtics legend Evan Turner?


[–]Celtics Thatguy19901 51 points 9 hours ago

“You’ve gotta respect a 15% 3-point shooter. A guy like that is always lethal. It’s 15%, but it’s a big 15%”


[–][UTA] Andrei Kirilenko slashermax 92 points 10 hours ago

I dont feel like Adams is that overpaid tbh. If we compare him to the other players in that pay area I dont think he’s one of the worst. Within a few million of Wiggins, Otto Porter, Drummond, Whiteside, Gasol, Batum, Parsons, Ibaka, Gallinari, and Brogdon. He’s around the level or better than most of them.

Like he’s a bit overpaid, but by no means an awful contract.




[–]Knicks Court_Vision 1669 points 10 hours ago

F5 season is never over


[–]Warriors abothanspy 25 points 10 hours ago*

The only downside that I can see to this is that it means we no longer get contract-year Draymond.


[–]76ers Johns-Roast-Pork 685 points 10 hours ago*

I wasn’t expecting this to happen today lol. Honestly that’s a great deal, they needed to lock him up longterm.


[–][PHI] Ben Simmons KagsTheOneAndOnly 176 points 8 hours ago

Steph gives GS an elite offense, Dray gives them an elite defense. With these two (and Klay) locked up GS are gonna be contenders for a while yet


[–]Micro858999 134 points 7 hours ago

Dont forget about D’Lo either. He’s really well rounded offensively and will allow Chef to play off the ball. He’s gonna put up 20+ a game. Also, cuz of his contract, age and value, he can be moved for other star players if need be.

Warriors are in a great spot imo.



[–]Warriors Benlee2000- 60 points 7 hours ago

Also he’s 23! A lot of room to grow even after being in the MIP race


[–]Lakers CoolScales 498 points 12 hours ago

He was good with us, but he needed way more structure for him to begin to realize his potential.Going to the Nets really helped him because he had a lot of structure all of a sudden. Now he’s playing with three guys who are probably going to the hall of fame when it’s all said and done. He’s going to work with a player in Steph who he could learn a lot from. I think this is the best thing that’s happened to him, and I could easily see D’Lo being one of the best guards in the league in a couple years.


[–]Heat Call_Me_Rambo 45 points 11 hours ago

We’re gonna go from the GOAT F5 season to one of the worst next year lol


[–]Celtics evin_cashman 98 points 11 hours ago

Who’s gonna be the best free agent next season then? DeRozan? Assuming AD doesn’t go to free agency.


[–]Raptors Cheechers23 31 points 11 hours ago

So Kyle Lowry is the best FA next year

Sheesh next year is gonna be boring lmao



[–][NYK] Qyntel Woods Blacramento 207 points 11 hours ago

Speak for yourself. I’m already hyped for the Great DJ Augustin Plane Track of Summer 2020


[–]Knicks RUBEN4iK 115 points 11 hours ago

Good thing we still have flexibility.


[–]Knicks brooklynbotz 172 points 10 hours ago

It’s easy to have cap flexibility when no one wants to sign with our team.


[–]rutgersmemelordz 155 points 10 hours ago

The two kinds of Knicks fans


[–]IAmADopelyLitSavage 209 points 10 hours ago

NBA fans caring more about the offseason than the season and whining how “the next offseason is going to suck” before the season has even been played is one of the funniest things in pro sports right now.


[–]Celtics OverallPrettyGood 2862 points 11 hours ago

Rich Paul has taken everything from me


[–]Raptors bleeetiso 59 points 10 hours ago

I did not know rich paul was his agent

this puts another dent in my belief that him and lebron don’t get along…


[–]Raptors youarenotracist 47 points 9 hours ago

They’ve always got along and have been spotted together in the off-season.



[–]Lakers EvenGandhiHatesLVG 127 points 11 hours ago

Wow wtf


[–][IND] Victor Oladipo lhubbard0 64 points 11 hours ago

So I guess all the talk about him demanding the supermax was wrong then


[–][ORL] Aaron Gordon therunningguy 192 points 11 hours ago

He Stay


[–]yalogin 23 points 10 hours ago

What a fucking steal for the Warriors. This tells us that their streak of luck getting great guys for value contracts has not ended yet.


[–][OKC] Eric Maynor Ibaka_flocka 471 points 11 hours ago*

Wow i figured he would have tested the market next summer with a bad FA crop next year

Coulda been eligible for a supermax too.

GS is going to lay low this year and then go on a revenge tour next season when Klay is healthy again, I’m actually scared



[–]Lakers Athlon77 21 points 10 hours ago

Watch Steph get MVP and Dray get DPOY again.


[–][GSW] Stephen Curry Hishaam00 1742 points 11 hours ago



[–]Warriors abothanspy 147 points 10 hours ago

Fantastic! I hope this means that the Warriors OG 3-man core can stay together forever and become the new Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker.


[–][CHI] Derrick Rose jeric13xd 1274 points 11 hours ago

Your front office WANTS to keep winning.They don’t care about salary tax and shit lol.

You’re lucky


[–]TerminusFox 99 points 11 hours ago

lol, so no rumors now.

Team can completely focus on making the finals again



[–]Suns Zepsune 38 points 10 hours ago

It’s cool to see the Warriors keep their core together for 10+ years.


[–]Spurs GGezpzMuppy 300 points 11 hours ago

The three gonna get a statue together


[–]Warriors ambumanzo 342 points 12 hours ago

The Curry Klay and Draymond statues are going to give me chills when unveiled


[–][LAL] Magic Johnson JohnnyConatus 92 points 12 hours ago

The future KD burner tweets about how he doesn’t have a statue…


[–]Warriors slappiestpenguin 291 points 10 hours ago

All three drafted by the Warriors too!


[–]Bucks InexorableWaffle 13 points 9 hours ago

That’s the most impressive thing to me. You guys did pretty much every single thing right from a team-building perspective that you could, from getting the right players (in the mid-late lottery or later, no less), to developing them, and then making the gutsy call to move on from Mark Jackson to Steve Kerr.


[–]Wizards eatapenny 50 points 10 hours ago

Which is why I don’t really mind the Warriors. Mostly homegrown talent prior to signing KD


[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam LeGaffe 243 points 12 hours ago

Say what you will about the Warriors, but as an organisation they really honour loyalty. Steph, Klay and Draymond all getting paid. Respect.


[–][DAL] Dirk Nowitzki Mysteriagant 138 points 11 hours ago

Also they’re not afraid to spend. They have great owners


[–]Warriors 69mikehunt 113 points 11 hours ago

At this point I think ownership is truly the limiting factor to success for a franchise.

GSW would not have had as serious a success, these last few years, if it weren’t for Lacob. LAC wouldn’t have set itself up so well if not for Balmer. The Knicks probably would not be laughed at if not for Dolan. And so on…

Right now ownership appears to be the fundamental factor for franchise success. And I honestly feel bad for fans of franchise’s with terrible ownership( Hornets, Suns, Knicks, etc.).





[–][GSW] Jordan Bell HeyyyKoolAid 41 points 10 hours ago

Ownership was, is, and will always be the deciding factor of success. Teams will always have money to spend on free agents, draft picks (lottery picks, if you’re consistently terrible) and trades to squeeze. But if owners “governors” hire the wrong people, meddle in the process insistently, and/or refuse to pony up the money when it matters then you’re never gonna succeed.







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